Jill Savre Shows Us What's Up Her Sleeve with New Single

Jill Savre unleashes the phenomenal new single today, “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” the title track from her most recent release, Nothing Up My Sleeve. The charming song offers up a heavy dose of Folk with a dash of Pop sensibility that puts her in the running for an artist to watch this year. Savre’s heavenly voice floats throughout the song as it is joined by an array of harmonies, and an intense melodic element that intertwines throughout. 

Artist Jill Savre says of “Nothing Up My Sleeve”:

"I like to write songs as I hear them ASAP in their entirety. Most of the time trying not to try. No to edits. If I do, it will most likely kill the poor thing in it's infancy. Usually the song comes from something emotional that has bothered me or inspires me to the point where I feel I must do something in my way, which is with words and music, singing while I play my guitar."

This isn’t your average Folk song, as it crosses genres and barriers, making it friendly for listeners across the music board. The track not only showcases Savre as a musical performer, but as a prominent songwriter as well. We can’t wait to dig in deeper to what Jill Savre has to offer!

Getting Personal with Jill Savre



Jill Savre is quickly putting herself on the map as a singer-songwriter you should watch out for. Recently the songstress released her new album, Nothing Up My Sleeve, which is starting to garner praise from fans and critics alike. Her ambitious record is equal parts artsy and heavenly, as her vocals take each song on the album to another level…..

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