Donkey Konged

Jill brings new meaning to "kicked butt": As a child she was admiring a beautiful burro behind a barbed wire fence, wishing she could set it free. Reaching over to pet it her hand brushed against the fence, at which point she remembers a loud BONGING sound as her leg flew up behind her for an involuntary self kicking of her own hiney.


The jolt of high voltage from the electric fence shot through her, but not enough to kill her…or act as an antidepressant. It may have helped super-charge her already innate songwriting gifts though...



She wanted to be Astro Boy, not "The Vivian Maier of Singer-Songwriters"

Jill could be compared in some ways to Vivian Maier, the photographer whose narrowly rescued work is being exhibited worldwide and going viral, although during her lifetime her photographs were unknown and unpublished. 


Jill's catalog of songs, which seriously ranks with the best of the best song collections out there, has also remained unknown, entirely unheard by the public [until right now].


A Beatles loving, self described ASTRONUT (she wanted to be the flame footed, flying Astro Boy when she grew up), Jill is still very much alive, and today she astounds as she writes, sings, plays, and can dictate all the parts of an arrangement a la Brian Wilson. The hurdles she has faced have been major, but FINALLY, Jill’s narrowly rescued work escapes the confines of her head and makes it out into the world. Colorful, masterful, inspired, donkey konged songs for the masses. 



 Chipmunk Cheeks and Kneels of Sterve

  Growing up, Jill was teased aplenty - she was referred to by her oldest sister as "chipmunk cheeks" for her chew-food-long-time tendency, when she would store a LOT of food in her puffed out cheeks while eating. She also still remembers a neighborhood boy's routine taunts of "Al-BEE!" from the window of his house whenever she would pass by (it was his way of teasing she had "albino" light skin and hair).


Some things such as music, lyrics, art and athletics come very naturally    for Jill, whereas others such as being able to verbalize ideas without an unintended smattering of sideways spoonerisms making their way into the conversation are a real challenge. A classic example would be the time when her intent to speak of "nerves of steel" came out as "kneels of sterve".



Q: Does Jill still wish she could get a chance to pet a nice fuzzy burro?



And yes it is true that for 13 years now Jill has personally belonged to the creature sometimes referred to as "little Johnny cuddle cups", otherwise known as Harpo (seen below, and featured in the "World's Most Flappy Handed Dog" video). Harpo is Jill's  constant companion, close confidante, and demander of snacking opportunities in chief. 




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