JILL'S NEW ALBUM  Nothing Up My Sleeve
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About Nothing Up My Sleeve:


Jill's first album (of the good 20 albums worth of original material she has written) is nothing less than a stunning debut. Jill can tell you being bipolar is no picnic, and she wouldn't wish it on anyone - but at least we listeners do now have this compelling, inspired music, courtesy of her cloudbursts of creativity.


So let's make room on the short list of those treasured, all too rare collections where where eversinglsong is an inspired gem bursting with charm, because this is truly one of them. 


At turns vibey, dark, hypnotizing, playful, romantic, Jill's depth as both a songwriter and a performer is finally revealed - an artist with a voice to die for. . . . . . .   A voice to live for. . . . .   The voice that almost got away. . . . .



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